A New Chapter | The End of Primary School {Melbourne Family Photographer}

With school starting this week for another year – it’s time I reflected on last year.  I still don’t think I have processed all the feels – and I did feel them all, still am – of having my eldest child finish Primary School and head off to High School.  It feels too fast, it’s all moving too fast.  She seems too young, but of course she’s not, she is more than ready for this new adventure and all the experiences that await her this year as she ventures into Year 7.  But for me, she’s still that little girl starting prep seven years ago, wide eyed and scared.

So back to last year and the end of Primary School, with the lead up involving orientation, a disco, dinner and presentation, culminating with the last assembly where the Grade 6’s left through the front door – symbolically leaving Primary School behind.  I was sure to wear the large sunglasses to hide the inevitable tears and ugly crying, especially when Sienna came through those doors – she was also in tears.  Such much emotion bursting through.


So today she is off to High School, with new friends to be made, groups to join and I am excited for her – to find her tribe, her place, where she feels special and to be seen.  But also worried, I hope she will be able to navigate this world where more is expected.

There are more tears today as I watched her walk into this new world – with the hope that we have given her the skills and love to know her worth and make good choices.

She is crazy, awesome, weird and amazing, my daughter is also fierce and with this fierceness, she will find her way.  How can she not when her quote Presentation Night was:

“She wasn’t looking for a Knight, she was looking for a sword”